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Top 5 Ways A Pet Dog Improve Your Health

golden retriever and child
Golden Retriever

If you’ve ever been a pet owner and lost that pet, it will be easy for you to relate to how attached you can become to a pet. People talk about pets being part of their family This is so true.

Pets add so much value to our lives as well as our families, however sometime we make the mistake of overlooking how much they add to our lives.

While our pets provide us with unconditional love, they also provide many other incredible benefits.

Pets can improve your health in so many ways. These include physical benefits, social benefits, mental benefits, and emotional benefits.

Improve Mental Health

Research shows that pets significantly improve our mental health status. Several years ago, pets were brought into the psychiatric wards to help calm patients, as well as encourage patients to cooperate.

In fact, the therapeutic effects of pets is well known, and they have been used by psychiatrists to help patients calm down, and get them to cooperate. Today, studies show that pets can help us feel much better, and improve our moods significantly.

Has there been a time when you felt down in the dumps and got your pet to get you his ball so you can play? That is a great example of how pets can cause an instinctive shift in your mood and bring you out of a slump. The love provided by a pet is wholesome and unqualified, and tends to release positive chemicals to the brain.

In the process, positive chemicals are released to the brain, which averts negative stressors like cortisol which is present in the fight or flight syndrome. Mental health tends to improve significantly whenever we have positive experiences.

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Boost Emotional Status

Pets are known to significantly enhance the emotional condition of their owners. Dogs are known to pick up on the emotions of their owners. If your dog sees you bawling your eyes out, you can expect her to come over to you and lick away your tears.  Research demonstrates that canines are naturally receptive to its owner’s emotions, and are therefore always ready to react to them. Essentially, pet owners are known to be happier in studies than people who do not own pets.

Help with Physical Health

Studies show that people who own pets are in a better state of health than non-pet owners. They have a reduced risk of cancer, high cholesterol, heart disease and high blood pressure. Pet dogs in particular can be trained to assist and alert owners that are suffering from certain medical issues such as diabetes.

Socialization and Fitness

Pets can assist in the fight against depression, anxiety, and panic. Having a pet to socialize with is an excellent way to get out and about for most people. Pets are generally social animals, and socialization is key to its well-being. This means you need to participate in social activities with your pet such as hiking, running, jogging and walking which enables pet owners to stay fit and trim alongside their furry friends.

Spiritual Benefits

Reaching out to help a pet that is helpless and completely relies on you to take care of themselves by walking, bathing, playing and just cuddling with them is a great way to become more spiritual.

Do pet owners live longer lives? Studies are showing that pet owners do in fact live longer lives. However, those same studies are beginning to show that pet owners may also live healthier and happier lives.

Getting Zen with Your Pets

Studies show that chilling with your dog on the sofa or cuddling up to your cat is an effective way to release stress. In fact, a simple act of just looking at your fish swim in their aquarium can help you relax.

Every time you feel stressed out, your body responds to that assumed threat. Your body builds and liberates hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. When this happens, what occurs with your body is rapid heart rate, tense muscles, and a rapid increase in blood pressure. When you own and interact with your pet, this reduces the effects of stress on your body.

It is not only your body that gets benefits. Your mind does as well. Every time you get rid of stress-releasing hormones, your body is in a relaxed state. If your body is in a relaxed state, then your mind. Essentially, if your mind is relaxed, then so is your body.


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