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25 Ways To Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy

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Stats show that cats are the most popular pets in the world. They have been kept as pets for thousands of years. We admire their beauty, feed them, and enjoy their company. We allow them in and out of our houses even after they left us without ever knowing what happened to them, and we grieved for them.

If cats could talk, they’d ensure that they are not owned by anybody, but they’ll probably admit that they love being cared for. And that is especially true for older cats. Cat popularity has resulted in an explosion in knowledge of how to care in all stages of their lives for them, and care is just the same.

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Here are 25 ways to keep your cat happy and healthy.

  1. Cats love vertical spaces to explore. You can always see outside cats climbing trees, running along fences. It’s in their nature to want to climb to high places in order to keep an eye on their territory. You can mimic the same conditions within your home by investing in cat trees, cat shelves and perches to give them the most stimulating in-door experience possible.
  2. Cats are known to share just 5 personality types. Take the time to understand your cat’s personality so that you can nurture them in an environment that best matches their personality.
  3. Cats naturally love to look outside. They are always totally fascinated by the world outside so they can observe the outdoor goings-on. So, get your cat a window perch to give your cat a good view of the outside world.
  4. Cats are social animals. If you have enough space, time or money, you should get them a play buddy of similar age, especially if they will be left on their own all day as you go to work.
  5. Don’t bring home a new cat without making sure that both cats will get along.
  6. Let them scratch away. Cats scratch to get rid of layers of worn outer claws, and to mark their territory, so give them a scratching post.
  7. Cats love classical music because they find it relaxing. So if you have to leave them alone in the house for a period of time, classical music can help them get through a long, boring day.
  8. Get them entertaining, interactive toys so they get the mental and physical exercise it could get outdoors.
  9. The right diet is important for cats, so give them the right food for a healthy diet.
  10. Help them groom themselves properly when they are sick or depressed.
  11. Get her a buddy she loves whose about the same age
  12. Cats are creatures of habit so try as much as possible to stick to a routine. For example, feed them at the same time every day.
  13. A study by the university of California found that food puzzle toys have been shown to reduce stress and boredom in cats. One great benefit of food puzzles is that it allows the cat to follow their natural instincts by using problem-solving skills to get at treats.
  14. Cats love space. Give them their own space in their home. Create a convenient resting area in your home that provides him with privacy.
  15. Cats are natural foragers, so encourage this behaviour by getting them foraging toys that your cat manipulates in order to get food.
  16. If you notice a change in your cat’s behaviour, take her to the vet.
  17. Cats may be low maintenance pets, but they are going to need a lot of love and affection if they are going to live a quality life. Don’t buy a cat if you don’t genuinely love them.
  18. Cat-proof your home before bringing in your cat. Make sure you have a litter box, cat carrer, cat food, water bowls and toys.
  19. Many vets suggest keeping your cats indoors because indoor cats tend to live longer and healthier lives.
  20. Keep several bowls of cool, clean water throughout your home. Some cats prefer moving water, so you way want to consider getting a water fountain rather than a regular bowl.
  21. Make sure you get your cat checked out at least once or twice a year.
  22. Cats love to play, and playing fun, interactive games with your cat is a great way to bond.
  23. Cats love to nibble on plants. Allow them to eat tender, young grass because it speeds up the digestion process.
  24. Cats are predatory by nature, so provide lots of ways for them to engage their natural instincts. This includes providing them with prey-like toys.
  25. Cats are genetically predisposed to hiding pain, so you will need to keep an eye on your cat to make sure they are not suffering or in pain at any moment in time.

Be sure to show your cat lots of affection and spend quality time with her.


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