There are a few very inexpensive hobbies almost anyone can engage in

I think we can all agree that having a pet is a wonderful experience, but it can be a lot of responsibility. Sometimes, you just wish you could go out without having to worry about them tearing up the house or just missing you. However, you can always make home more fun by taking up a hobby. Hobbies can be a nice compromise being going out and staying with your pets. You can find the hobby for you that makes your time at home better and you never have to leave you pet’s side.
There are a few very inexpensive hobbies almost anyone can engage in. One of these is reading. Most of us have a few books lying around, and, let’s face it, people don’t read like they used to anymore. Picking up a good book can be an engaging way to pass the time at home, and even new books are typically very affordable.

Another great hobby for the homebound is writing. Most of us have a computer with a word processor, so it’s easier to get into. All you need is some good ideas and some time, and anyone can be a writer. You could even just keep a journal, instead, if you’re not the creative type.
Drawing is another great hobby. Just about everyone has drawn a picture at some point in their life, so you already know the basics. Paper and writing utensils are common in most homes, as well, so there’s nothing stopping you. While it may seem intimidating when you look at the art of others, just remember that everyone started from nothing.
If you’re willing to spend some money, why not learn to play a musical instrument? With some sheet music, you can learn to play a favorite song, or a classic, or even write your own music. If you’re thinking of taking classes, but can’t get away from your pet for that long, you can always teach yourself using YouTube videos. And, to top it all off, Guitar Center makes starting to play guitar affordable and easier than ever.